Eurolinguaclub is a school of foreign languages

You can choose a course that meets your needs and level of language competence. In Eurolinguaclub, you can just learn a language or prepare for an exam. At the end of the course, the student receives a certificate. At the moment, all courses are held online.

Eurolinguaclub provides courses of:
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish

 The Eurolinguaclub team:

 Elena Weijman (Dutch, Russian, English)

Alina (Dutch)

Jeroen (Dutch)

Isabel (Spanish)

Karina (Dutch, Russian)

Jos (Dutch)

Dmitriy F. (English, Russian)

Sergey (English)

Chris (Dutch)

Kian (Dutch)

Maudy (English, Dutch)

Luuk (Dutch)

Casper (Dutch)

Wilma (Dutch)

Nienja (Dutch)


Elena Weijman

I am the founder of Eurolinguaclub and a professional teacher. I  give lesson of English, Russian and Dutch with over 26 years of experience.

In 2012 I relocated from Russia to the Netherlands and started with Eurolinguaclub (European school of foreign languages).

I am graduated from 2 Universities:

- State University of Belgorod, Faculty of Romance and Germanic philology (specializing in English and German) and

- Moscow State Industrial University, Faculty of Management and Organization.

I am glad to have been able to make my hobby - foreign languages – my profession.

I give lessons of English, Dutch and Russian.

In addition to languages (English, German, Russian, Latin, Dutch), I also studied pedagogics, psychology, ICT use in education, ethics and methods of teaching of foreign languages.



English Course (2003, Malta, Linguatime)

Dutch Course (2012-2013,The Netherlands , (+Staadsexamen B2 (2013)

Basic Language Volunteer Training (2016,The Netherlands, Taal voor het leven)

Volunteer training  “Taal voor Thuis” (2016,The Netherlands, NCOI Opleidingen)

ONA teacher training course (2016,The Netherlands, Stichting Pulse)

New methods and teaching materials for NT2 (2016, Nederland, Stichting Pulse)

Teacher of Russian as a second language (2019 online course


Teacher of English (Russia, Belgorod 1997-2004)

Sales manager and English-Russian interpreter  (Rusland, Moscow, Legacy Incorporated 2004-2011)

Teacher of Dutch (NT2) (The Netherlands,volunteer at, Stichting Pulse 2016-2018)

Teacher of Dutch, English, Russian (The Netherlands, Eurolinguaclub 2014-present)

My diplomas were valued by Nuffic in 2013 and I have received a teaching qualification from  DUO.

From 2014, more than 2500 students studied English, Dutch or Russian at Eurolinguaclub.Almost every month somebody passes for the citizenship exam (Inburgeringsexamen).We are very happy about that. So are our students.Their recommendation can be seen here

Nowadays more teachers work at Eurolinguaclub. Our teachers have taken a special course of Eurolinguaclub's teaching method.

During the lesson we practice all kinds of language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

We do this using the following methods: interactive, communicative, TPR, TPRS.

During the first conversation with a student, we ask what goal he wants to achieve and how much time he intends to spend on it.

Then we taylor a unique plan. The purpose of learning a foreign language is to communicate in this language.

We are always aware of this primary goal, but apart from this goal, we set each lesson a small goal, which the student must achieve during the lesson.

That is the reason for the success that Eurolinguaclub has achieved in these years.



Alina is about bilingual.

She was born in the family of a philologist, so the terms that are used in linguistics are everyday vocabulary for her.

In addition, her family has had teachers in every generation since her great – grandmother.

Being among teachers is a normal environment for her.

Except her passion –foreign languages, she studied creative business at the University of Applied Science in Utrecht. Her thesis was about development of new directions in the Eurolinguaclub. The ideas, method of teaching  and plan were approved by the University, so we can safely entrust the development of the school to a certified specialist.

When people talk to Alina, they trust her, because she is a good teacher by nature.

Foreign languages surrounded her from birth (first English, then French and Spanish, after relocating to the Netherlands from Russia, when she was a child, Dutch).

She studied at a Dutch secondary school, the Dutch University of Applied Science, worked at NaschoolEnzo in “Cals College IJsselstein”.

Alina has passed not only powerful language training, but also courses of the methodology of teaching foreign languages.

Classes are provided in Dutch, but if necessary, some points can be explained in Russian or English, which are used as bridge languages.



Jeroen was born in the Netherlands and is one of our first teachers at the Eurolinguaclub. Besides the fact that he comes from a family of highly educated teachers, he has developed a great passion for teaching.

For example, Jeroen started teaching at a secondary school, Cals College IJsselstein, immediately after high school, where he explains various subjects to students. He was promoted to supervisor at the Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht, where he still helps students with their studies.

In addition to the Dutch language, Jeroen has a very good command of the English language and even speaks a little Russian. Jeroen has almost finished his study.

In his classes you will learn how to conduct conversations in literary Dutch, you will read Dutch literature, in addition you will improve your writing level and you will develop the feeling for the language which is an essential characteristic for those who have ambitious plans such as communicating with highly skilled Dutch.Jeroen was born in the Netherlands and is one of our first teachers at the Eurolinguaclub. Besides the fact that he comes from a family of highly educated teachers, he has developed a great passion for teaching.


My name is Isabel. I was born in Spain, in Madrid. I am a Spanish teacher and a philologist, so I have always loved languages. Spanish is the one I love most, not for any specific reason, but because it is the only one I have full command of…! Teaching Spanish is my passion. I have also been always very interested in helping people (I also work as a volunteer teaching Spanish to the deprived). I have been training myself for a long time in how to teach a language, not just regarding contents, but also how to manage a language class and how to treat and deal with language learning students. So I try to do my best in every class, but in return I receive even more from them: the satisfaction of discovering that they are happy with their learning and that they have assimilated and acquired what I have taught.


Karina is a young and promising teacher of Dutch and Russian. She moved from Russia to the Netherlands at a young age. Karina knows how to learn the language of a new country and what integration means. That's why she understands how to help you and your child integrate into a new society in a delicate way.
Teaching is her passion. She began her career at a Russian-language school in the Netherlands. First as an assistant, but soon she began to give lessons herself. In addition to this, during the holidays Karina worked in a Russian speaking camp for bilingual children (Dutch-Russian).

She graduated from Dutch school and already got her first diploma in Media Management and Marketing. Currently she studies Creative Business at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Giving Dutch and Russian lessons is her favorite activity.



Since years Jos has been tutoring students of all levels. He worked at a tutoring institute, where he helped students (ranging from pre-vocational secondary education to pre-university education) with STEM and language courses (a.o. Dutch, English, Latin). As of now, he guides students at the Grafisch Lyceum, focusing on planning and learning strategies. Additionally, he works as a teaching assistant at Utrecht University, teaching seminars for various courses, a.o. Introduction to Linguistics (Artificial Intelligence).
Jos currently does two masters in Utrecht and Twente.


Dmitriy F.

Hello or Zdravstvuyte! Let me introduce myself. My name's Dmitriy. I am a Teacher of English and Russian.
I have been teaching English as a foreign language since I graduated from university with a degree in Philology in 1997 and embarked on my teaching career being an English Teacher at school. Then I went on to be a private tutor of the English language before moving on to London, UK to do a professional development course for teachers of English. Also, I continued studying English at Proficiency level as I strongly believe in continuous professional development. Living and studying in the UK for three years provided me with deep knowledge of the British life and culture as well, which contributed to acquiring more expertise in the English language. After moving back to Moscow, Russia, I started working as a Teacher of the English and Russian languages at international language schools and multinational companies delivering both group and one-to-one lessons. The experience I gained in my work was later applied in my further teacher development course in the years of 2010 and 2011. It was the In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching delivered by the ELT Department of Cambridge University which is accepted internationally and entitles teachers to work overseas. The course was quite demanding and challenging, but, at the same time, it gave a lot of insights into the teaching profession.
While residing in London, I was approached to teach the Russian language as a foreign language to people of different walks of life and background. Being both a learner and a teacher of the foreign language, I was fully aware of how difficult or easy and engaging the learning process could be if appropriate methods of teaching and activities were used in lessons. For example, that knowledge and methods successfully helped teach Russian to a group of Japanese nationals from Starter to Pre-intermediate level when I was residing in Tokyo in 2006.
My experience of teaching Russian and English to speakers of other languages has demonstrated that, generally, you do not need to reinvent the wheel, that is, simple teaching methods and techniques seem to work best with either beginners or more advanced learners. These include the concept of teaching and practice the simple before moving on to the complex, using the communicative approach that allows students to develop their speaking skills, grammar and vocabulary are best understood and practiced in context, various visual materials including pictures and videos prompt learners to speak more, etc. Of course, all of these may not and should be deployed in the plan of the same lesson as each one has different aims and, therefore, methods to achieve them. Bearing the abovementioned facts in mind, I am convinced that teachers should approach every language learner individually, namely, they should be taught with methods and practice that really meets their needs and aims in life based on their knowledge and skills of the subject they study. All this put together makes the learning process meaningful and engaging.
I believe that your motivation to learn Russian or English along with my expertise in the subjects will create a synergetic effect enabling you, as a language learner, to achieve results that will make a change in your life.
Now I’m based in Russia, and as everyone else affected by the pandemic, I am working on my professional and personal development by reading books, participating in ELT webinars, and meeting my colleagues online. Besides, playing tennis and experimenting with food and coffee recipes help me relax in my downtime.



My name is Sergey  and I have been teaching English for over 30 years.
I entered the Irkutsk State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages not so much out of love for the English language, but because almost all of my family were school teachers and university professors with post graduate degrees – my grandfather, grandmother, mother, two aunts, and other more distant relatives. So I can safely call myself the successor of the dynasty. Love for English came later.
I graduated from the Institute with "honors" and immediately after graduation began teaching English to teachers-to-be. In the correspondence student groups, my youngest student was two years older than me, and the oldest student was good for fathers.
I especially enjoyed teaching English phonetics. I once calculated that in four years of work at the Foreign Languages Institute I had about 1500 classes on phonetics!
In the 90s, I did an internship in England, worked in the USA for some months; founded a private language school with my fellow colleagues, translated American science fiction. But the most important event of that time for me was a meeting with an Academician Galina Kitaygorodskaya. First, I did an internship at the Center for the Intensive Training of Foreign Languages at the National University of Moscow, and then completed my Ph.D. thesis under the guidance of G. Kitaygorodskaya. Naturally, the thesis was on the methodology of foreign languages teaching. It was after working with that acknowledged expert that there are no blanks in my profession left for me.
Then for many years I was in charge of the Foreign Languages Chair at one of the Irkutsk universities, and now I am engaged in private teaching and develop manuals for teaching English. I even wrote a book in Russian about the adventures of a girl in the country of the English language - "The Adventures of Alyonka in Grammarland".



I was born in the Netherlands and live in Utrecht.
After training for VWO, I studied history very briefly at the VU in Amsterdam, but teaching children attracted me more.
The education for teacher (pedagogical academy) was a logical choice for a switch.
After training as a teacher, I worked in primary education for 41 years.
I have taught in groups 4 to 8.
Since 2000 I have become director of schools in Houten.
I supervised the merger process of two schools, which was very exciting to do.
I have retired since september 2021.
By teaching refugees, I discovered how nice it is to teach people from another country to speak Dutch.
Because teaching in the Dutch language is so satisfying, I came into contact with Eurolinguaclub since december 2021.
During the language lessons it will mainly be about speaking in the Dutch language.
Pronunciation, word order and meaning of words are examples of what is being discussed.


Kian was born and raised in the Netherlands. He has a great passion for teaching new skills to others. Through his father, Kian came into contact with teaching language at an early age. When he started working as a supervisor himself at a later age, he saw how much fun it really was to accompany others.
As a native of the Netherlands, he knows how the language works and how you can improve your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. He will work with you to find the best way to take your Dutch to a new level!
Kian is almost finished with his first studies as a physiotherapist and will continue his studies at the University of Amsterdam in 2023.



My name is Maudy, and I was born in The Netherlands. I have just graduated as a teaching assistant. I am currently studying for English teacher at the Hogeschool Utrecht.

Because of my experience as a teaching assistant in primary education, I have worked a lot with children between the ages of 4 and 12. 


Chamber of Commerce Utrecht: 60777435